General questions

We have modified the website to be user friendly enough that when you type whatever it is you are looking for, it comes up. In cases where you are unsure about what it is you really want to buy, you can:

  • Scroll through the list of products on the website.
  • Click on whichever one tickles your interest and add to the cart.
  • Click the cart icon on the top right of the screen when you are done shopping, you will be redirected to the page where you can see your orders.
  • Click the checkout box below your orders after confirming your orders, you will be redirected to the payment page.
  • Choose your method of payment.
  • Fill all the necessary details.
  • Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a mail confirming your order.

Very safe. We have adopted one of the most secure payment platform – flutterwave. The platform is reputable for ensuring that the details of every user is safe and secured. We, of course would not let you input your details if we weren’t sure they were going to be safe.

Delivery takes 24 hours if you are in Lagos and 48-72 hours if you’re in other parts of Nigeria.

You definitely have to be above eighteen to buy alcohol from our store. We do not sell to minors, only responsible adults.

Why? Are you looking to return bottles of alcohol after buying them because you lost interest in drinking them?

We are highly against drinking and driving. As much as we want to make sales, we do not want to have a hand in anyone’s suicide-murder. Help us to help you. Patronize us only if you are going to drink responsibly.

We have a strict no return policy for alcoholic drinks. The flasks on the other hand can be returned within twenty-four hours of purchase if you notice any damages. A refund will also be made to you after we have confirmed your complaint.

We welcome all forms of purchases. However, bulk purchases might take longer to deliver seeing that we have to ensure that they are safely packaged to be delivered to you. Click here to make your bulk purchase.